Tonight! March 26th!! AND THEN WE BROKE GENDER PART 2!!!

And Then We Broke Gender Part 2 @ Mariposa Meeting Room (upstairs)

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Mariposa Co-op strives to be an inclusive organization and accessible space to people of all genders.  Last month we hosted a “Part I” workshop on beginning conversations about gender identity.  This month, we’re hosting a “Part II” to further those conversations.  You don’t have to have attended Part I to join Part II, but we will assume all participants are familiar with an understanding of transphobia, the gender binary, and gender normativity.  Participants will engage in a conversation specific to the challenges at Mariposa, and ways we can push our co-op to continue to grow and change.

Facilitated by Shay Gonzalez & Laura Smoot.  Co-sponsored by Mariposa’s Facilitation Team and the Food Justice & Anti-Racism Working Group

Please RSVP to

Location: 4824 Baltimore Ave., Phila., PA 19143

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