Jackson Rising

“What’s the alternative to gentrification, to stadiums, to ruthless exploitation? It’s the solidarity economy. It’s cooperation. It’s democratically owned, worker-run cooperatives for child care, retail, auto repair, factories, health care, you name it. It’s already rising in Jackson Mississippi, and soon, near you.”
Bruce Dixon, Black Agenda Report

What happens when strong social movements put cooperatives on their agenda for serious, structural change?
By Laura Smoot, Mariposa Education & Outreach Coordinator

Readers, I want you to learn about what’s been happening in Jackson, Mississippi, because their vision is one of the reasons I get out of bed and go to work at Mariposa.  Impressive movement-building organizations there have been working together based on a plan they co-wrote called the Jackson-Kush Plan, which you can read here, “to move Jackson and the state of Mississippi from ‘worse to first’ in regards to income inequality, wealth equity, health access, and the practice of democracy.”

At the beginning of this month, over 300 people gathered at the Jackson Rising New Economies Conference in Jackson to explore and discuss how to fund, found and foster a different kind of economic system based on democratically self-managed cooperatives.  Here are some of the best articles about what went down:

Will Co-ops Spark a New Civil Rights Movement?”

Jackson Rising: Black Millionaires Won’t Lift Us Up, But Cooperation & the Solidarity Economy Might

Jackson Rising: An Electoral Battle Unleashes a Merger of Black Power, the Solidarity Economy and Wider Democracy


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