Anti-Oppression Working Group Workshop Series

Anti-Oppression Working Group Workshop Series

Mariposa’s Anti-oppression working group is putting on a series of workshops all about challenging oppression during January. Join us at the co-op – all events are free and open to the public! And tell us what else you want to see happen at your co-op!

Saturday, January 11, 3pm–5pm
Access in Action: An Interactive Food Justice Workshop
With Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews & Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed
In Philadelphia, there are many factors that determine who has access to what. With regards to food justice, access to healthy food can depend on logistics (neighborhood, transportation, available vendors), economics (how much we have, how much we spend, how much we receive), and specifics (e.g.: I’m allergic to this product, I can’t read those words, and when I go into that store they discriminate against me based on these assumptions). This workshop will mix words, images and actions to share and transform our own experiences with having and not having access, with the aim of taking action steps toward making healthy food accessible to all.

Saturday, January 18, 3pm–5pm
Discussion: Race, Racism & Our Co-op
To build a co-op that is as diverse and inclusive as possible, we have to make time to talk about how the values of oppressive systems tend to arise in our organization–and what we can do about it! Mariposa staff members Clarice Bailey and Laura Smoot will cofacilitate a discussion about race, racism, power & privilege and our co-op. Please join us!

Tuesday, January 21, 7pm-8:30pm
Facilitation & Consensus Basics Training
Mariposa Board of Delegates member Peter Collopy and Mariposa staffperson Laura Smoot will lead this dynamic workshop about how to facilitate meetings! This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to gain useful tools for how to have effective meetings in any group–as a facilitator or as a participant.

Thursday, January 23, 7pm-8:30pm
Dynamic, Anti-Oppressive Facilitation Training: Making Meetings Awesome for Everyone
Whether or not you tend to act as facilitator at meetings you attend, building your facilitation skills will help you make your meetings better, more inclusive, and more fully democratic! Jenna Peters-Golden of the Anti-Oppression Resource Training Alliance (AORTA) for one of the most popular workshops we offered in 2013. All are welcome; come to develop new skills and enhance the ones you have.

One thought on “Anti-Oppression Working Group Workshop Series

  1. I attended the workshop “Race and Racism at our Co-op,” and I found it very useful and thought-provoking. I was glad to have a time and space to focus on how racism is still affecting the internal co-op environment, as well as Mariposa’s place in the neighborhood.

    As helpful as it was to have that space for reflection (and as much as I know it’s a topic that can’t easily be covered in 2 hours), I left wanting more closure, or at least to have discussed ways to act on the problems and sticky issues we’d discussed. Could we have a follow-up discussion where, after having discussed the specific examples of racism, where we address how those could be mitigated with a new policy, how individual behaviors could be changed, concrete actions that the co-op could take (such as offering literature in other languages)? The Food Justice and Anti-Racism Committee was mentioned as a body that works on these issues, but it was unclear whether FJAR would be working to address any of the specifics discussed in this session, or whether people who wanted to continue working to mitigate the examples of racism should go to FJAR for that continuation.

    I had a lot of trust in the facilitators, and felt that they led the group well through a very challenging and emotional topic. I especially appreciated the setting of community agreements/norms before the discussion began. However, I did feel uncomfortable at several moments when the “Move Up, Move Up” norm was not being respected, and one voice in particular was dominating the discussion. I know this is a tricky situation to deal with, as “shutting down” people in a discussion isn’t the environment we want to create either–but I wished that a facilitator had reminded the group of this norm, or had opened up the space for push back on the sometimes contradicting ideas on racism that were expressed.

    Very glad this event happened, and am looking forward to ways that the Co-op will continue the dialogue (and action) moving forward. Thank you to everyone who put time into organizing this event series.

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