Update on Take Back Vacant Land Campaign

Update on Take Back Vacant Land Campaign

The Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land is at a critical stage. There are only two City Council sessions left this year in which to pass the Land Bank bill. Amendments to the bill, including the names of the first appointees to the Land Bank board and changes that are needed to strengthen the fairness language, need to be introduced this Thursday (December 5th) in order for the bill to be voted on by the whole Council on the following Thursday (December 12th). We want to have a huge turnout at both of these sessions so the whole Council realizes how much support there is in the community for a Land Bank law that we can trust.

One important change to the bill being considered regards how much control City Council will retain over the Land Bank. Some City Councilors, including Council President Daryl Clarke, would like City Council to retain some control over the disposition of vacant land. Supporters of a strong Land Bank law, however, including the Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land, and the bill’s sponsor, Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez, believe strongly that the Land Bank will be much more effective without this additional red tape.

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