Why Co-ops Are Way More Important Than You Think

Why Co-ops Are Way More Important Than You Think

Cooperatives are a hugely important part of local economies, not to mention a highly viable economic model unto themselves. So why do we hear so little about them in the mainstream media?

Yes! Magazine published an article about why co-operatives aren’t covered in the Wall Street Journal. Alongside the comical graphs that highlight important topics (such as caviar, luxury apartments, and chateaus) that are brought up more often than cooperatively based economies is a resounding question – why would the Wall Street Journal continue such minimal coverage of a section of the US market that has over $500 billion dollars in revenue annually.


Interested in why cooperatives aren’t taught in business schools? Check out this article in Cooperative Grocer: http://www.cooperativegrocer.coop/articles/2013-08-22/missing-links.

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