Justice for Food Workers: A Dining Guide to Philadelphia


Workers who do food preparation and serving are unfortunately some of the most underpaid and mistreated employees across the board. Industry standards are low, and these inequalities are often largely invisible to restaurant patrons. Luckily Restaurant Opportunities Center United puts together a guide, yearly, based in nine major cities across the country, to identify restaurants and bars with exceptionally high standards for employee well being and compensation. They also include a guide to many national chains.


The guide doesn’t advocate not patronizing locations that don’t make the cut – it asks for action. If you don’t see a favorite (or not) place on this list, consider contacting the owners and ask that they consider fair wages, internal advancement opportunities, equal opportunity employment, and paid sick days as an integral part of their business – and to getting yours. They even include a video outlining ways to have successful conversations with managers!


West Philly local Lil’ Pop Shop made it to a Gold Star Standard with high ratings across the board!

(Also guess which awesome cooperative brewery and restaurant passed with flying colors? Black Star Co-op in Austin, Texas!)

If you’re feeling inspired to do some more research on your favorite spots, check out this guide to the local and seasonally guided vendors across the city made by Fair Food Philly:


They create a new one yearly, so check back to see what’s new.


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