Urban Agriculture: Metrics and the Benefits of Numbers

Urban Agriculture: Metrics and the Benefits of Numbers

Many studies have shown that urban agriculture can have a wide range of impacts on it’s community, affecting social, economic and environmental sectors. But what are really the correlations between different types of urban agriculture programs and different outcomes?

The Five Borough Farm created this impact guide to help demonstrate direct links between different elements of urban agriculture and their effects on the community. This is an valuable resource for people involved with urban ag, policy or community development!


They developed an indicator guide to accompany this graphic that outlines each of these indicators and explains how these metrics are relevant and measured. The guide identifies important goals as well as recommends various indicators that farmers and gardeners can use to measure their impact.


They also have a guide on how to implement using these metrics in your own farm, garden or organization. Good policy that supports urban agriculture relies on metrics – and currently there is no comprehensive system for collecting that information! This methodology and the accompanying resources are meant to fill that gap and work in support of farmers and gardeners. Five Borough Farm is currently developing a web tool that farmers would be able to easily integrate into their current data systems that would show changes over time and eventually demonstrate the impact of these groups on their community.


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