Mariposa Fundraising for Mill Creek Farm through September 2

Have you visited Mill Creek Farm?


Knowing how your food is grown and raised is an important part of being an informed consumer, but how often do you actually visit the farms that provide your food? Mill Creek Farm, located at 49 and Brown Street in West Philadelphia, is just a quick bike ride away. For the last 8 years MCF has hosted educational tours for volunteers, and neighbors highlighting sustainable growing practices, storm water management, and green building techniques. Look for upcoming volunteer days on our calendar and get in on the action, then find Mill Creek Farm on Facebook and share your experiences.

Can’t make it out to volunteer? Now through September 2,contribute to food justice work in West Philly by donating to Mill Creek Farm at the register. Your donations will support:

• Community and youth education on how food is grown and where it comes from.

• A market stand in the Mill Creek neighborhood where there would otherwise be no fresh food

• 100% chemical free and sustainable farming techniques

Find out more information by picking up a flier at the register or by visiting

where tax deductible donations are accepted.

Brought to you by Mariposa’s Food Justice and Anti-Racism working group, the Mariposa Board and the Mill Creek Farm community.


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