Wheat Grass

Wheat berries grow into wheat and wheat grass. It’s the same plant. Wheat grass is baby wheat. The method of growing is different. I like to do image searches and recommend “wheat grass” another good one is “lemon zest”

from visualdictionaryonline.com:

“Cereal cultivated for its grain, important in producing food, especially foodstuffs such as flour, bread and semolina.


wheat: spike click to hear
The spike is composed of a main axis bearing seeds without a pedicel; the seeds are clustered at the stem’s apex.

section of a grain of wheat click to hear

A grain of wheat is a small dry fruit whose single grain is fused to its casing; the varieties differ in size, shape and color.

seed coat click to hear

Protective many-layered casing covering the starch and the germ; once separated from the grain, it is known as bran.

germ click to hear

The plant’s embryo, located in the lower part of the grain; after germination, it enables a new plant to grow.

starch click to hear

Part of the grain where the nutrients required for germ growth are stored; the starch can be ground into flour.

brush click to hear

Remnant of the flower’s stigmas; they resemble a tuft of hair atop the grain.

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