Milwaukee’s Growing Power Building Five Story Vertical Farm

From GROWING POWER in Milwaukee, WI:

Dear Friends,

Growing Power is undertaking something that has never been done before. We will build the first five-story vertical farm in the world. Our vertical farm will have south-facing greenhouse areas for the year-round production of plants, vegetables, and herbs. The building will provide educational classrooms, conference spaces, a demonstration kitchen, food processing and storage areas, freezers, and loading docks to further support our mission as a local and national resource for learning about urban sustainable food production. Administrative offices, volunteer spaces, and staff support areas will be closely connected to the greenhouse and educational areas to allow for active observation and participation. In essence, the vertical farm will be a hub of economic activity, community building, educational opportunities, and resource sharing for the Milwaukee community and the world.

Locally and globally, growing food naturally and sustainably has become a necessity more so than ever during these trying times. This is something we have to do in the future to be able to provide sustainable, high quality food to everyone in all situations. At Growing Power, we have proven that this model can be replicated. Ultimately, we are all responsible for making sure everyone has access to high quality food. A vertical farm will increase local food production and improve food access while creating thousands of jobs.

In Milwaukee, the Mayor and City Council support our vertical farm building and have passed the zoning requirements for Growing Power to build the five story vertical farm, which is located five blocks from the largest housing project in the city of Milwaukee. We invite you to join us. We’re in a capital campaign and asking for at least $25 or more to make our vertical farm a reality. Everyone can be a part of this solution. To show our appreciation, your name will be inscribed on a plaque that will be displayed at the vertical farm.

Learn More:

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