Rooted in Community and the Youth Food Bill of Rights- Philadelphia

As previously posted:

The Youth Food Bill of Rights is what YOUTH believe our food system should look like. It’s a work in progress. It’s created by YOUTH. It’s a statement to all. It’s a tool for change! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

On July 30th, over 100 youth food justice leaders from all over the country will present the Youth Food Bill of Rights at the National Constitution Center.
The Youth Food Bill of Rights will be created during the Rooted in Community (RIC) Nation Youth and Food Justice Conference hosted by The Urban Nutrition Initiative July 28th-31st.

More info about Rooted in Community (RIC)

Learn more and RSVP

Help us make a difference in our food systems by coming to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia on July 30th at 2pm!!!

Like our movement on facebook


Join RIC youth food justice leaders at the RIC Community Potluck

Mariposa will be leading one of the many workshops this week for high school aged youth, all pertaining to Food Justice. Our session will highlight the connections between the 7 cooperative principles and food justice. Post a comment if you’d like to donate art supplies for our workshop.

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